Hello everyone,

Can you believe it’s the end of the semester already? Here is the rubric for your final project. Please note that this for this final project you will email me a simple text file with all the required information outlined below and not required to be done on WordPress. If you choose to do it on WordPress, you will post the code as a post and send me a link to the post. Without further ado, here are the requirements for the final project:

  1. Correct HTML 5 doctype (5 points)
  2. Proper HTML formatting.  You must have the following items used properly: (2 points each)
    – HTML element
    – Head element
    – Title element
    – Body element
  3. Use at least one of each of the following (1 point each)
    – Hyperlink tag
    – Ordered or Unordered List tag
    – Some kind of text formatting tag (i.e. <h1>)
    – At least 3 <p> tags
    – At least one image tag
  4. Some kind of context to your final project webpage.  For example, do not just create a webpage about nothing.  Pick a theme or a subject and create this final website based on a subject.  (5 points)
  5. Functionality.  I should be able to open the text file in a internet browser and at least have the basic website show up on the browser window. (2 points)

*Extra credit – If you attach a functional CSS stylesheet to this webpage that works, I will award you with 5 points extra credit (a 20% boost on the final grade for this project!)


This final project is worth a total of 25 POINTS!!!  You can either email me the text file to my school email address: matt.k@ourcommunityschool.org or submit the link through the regular channels on the class webpage.



In this project, you will choose an item to do a product review. Select an item that is pertinent to your website. For example, if your website is about the Lakers, do the review on either specific sneakers or even a specific jersey. Your project will be graded based on design, information, and completeness.


  1. Item should relate to your website (3 points)
  2. Give an introduction about the product where you describe what it is, who it is for, and why it is interesting (3 points)
  3. At least 3 pictures of the product itself at various angles (3 points)
  4. Give your rating out of 5 stars and a “buy” or “don’t buy” recommendation.(3 points)
  5. Publish and submit your post to the projects page of this website (3 points)

Due 12/5/13

OBJECTIVES: Create a blog post about the history of the internet. Using detailed descriptions and in your own words, describe the events leading up to the internet as well as how it became what it is today.

Score breakdown:

  1. Title of your post should be “History of the Internet Project” – 2 Points
  2. Identify at least 10 key moments in internet history starting with 1957 up to modern times. BE SURE TO INCLUDE WHEN THE WORLD WIDE WEB WAS CREATED!!! – 5 Points
  3. Include at least 2 images – 4 Points
  4. Include a list of sources at the bottom of your post. Give exact web addresses – 4 Points


  1. Create a graphic heading for your post instead of text
  2. Use Ordered or unordered lists

Due 12/5/13

Project Requirements

1. Pick a common theme for your photo gallery
2. At least 15 photos
3. Write a short description about your photo gallery and why you picked that specific theme.
4. Include a list of the links where you got these photos from.

2 points for each category. 8 points total

***Due on Thursday 11/21/13!!!

Guidelines for “How-To” Project

Due date: November 15, 2013.


Checklist for Students

    1. Clear title and description of your “How-To” subject at the top of your WordPress Post
    2. At least five distinct steps with the following details:
      1. 500 word minimum for the entire post
      2. At least three pictures pertaining to the steps you’ve detailed
      3. At least one Youtube video that shows or demonstrates the end goal of your “How-To”
      4. Steps must be clearly labeled in at least <h2> headings</h2>
    3. Have a separate section for “Tips” and list at least 5 tips to help others do what you’re showing them.
    4. The Post should end with a clearly labeled <li> giving link credit to all the websites where you got all the pictures and videos.

*If your project is late, you will lose 2 points for each day that it is late.

Scoring Rubric

_______ 5 points: Clear Title and Description for your post.

_______ 5 points: At least 5 distinct steps with all of the details mentioned above on Checklist #2

_______ 5 points: Completed “Tips” section

_______ 5 points: <li> Link Credit </li>

_______ 5 points: Submitted to https://mathmattics.wordpress.com

Total Possible Points: 25